Learn more about the team developing the Pixel Engine.

Dr. Charbel Rizk - Inventor, Founder and CEO

Dr. Rizk is currently an Associate Research Professor for JHU ECE, Science and Technology (S&T) and Innovation consultant, and entrepreneur. Prior to Nov 2016, he was also Principal Professional Staff, Systems/Lead Engineer, S&T Advisor, Innovation Lead, member of the S&T committee, and member of the Innovation Steering Group for a large University Affiliated Research Center (UARC). He has had over 25 non-defense intellectual property filings since 2014, and received 12 achievement/recognition awards. He has been recognized as a top innovator, thought leader, and successful Principal Investigator / S&T manager, and has demonstrated an effective model for R&D that yielded multiple innovative and far-reaching concepts and technologies.
He was a pioneer in UAV technology and led a small team that developed and demonstrated the first four-rotor (quad rotor) UAV system in the early 90’s. In the early 2000’s, he developed the vision behind the FRIS architecture and has since been leading the associated R&D and inventions. The FRIS technology is likely to revolutionize the sensing and perception challenges for autonomous systems as it has the potential to deliver the most optimal C-SWaP solution. During his UARC tenure, he also provided systems engineering and S&T support to senior DOD leadership and large acquisition programs. In addition to providing effective technical, innovative, and mentoring leadership and management, Dr. Rizk has demonstrated a collaborative spirit, successfully working with various FFRDC’s, government labs, academia, and industry of various sizes. He also made key contributions during his time at Rockwell Aerospace, McDonald Douglas, and Boeing. He is a senior member of IEEE, AIAA, and a member of AUVSI and OSA.

Dr. Philippe Pouliquen - Inventor and Founder

Dr. Pouliquen received his BS in Biomedical Engineering and his MSE in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Johns Hopkins University in 1990, and his PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Johns Hopkins University in 1997. He currently teaches core classes in VLSI design. Dr. Pouliquen’s research area is in the design of application specific analog and mixed-mode integrated circuits. He has authored and co-authored over 60 articles in journals and conferences in this area, of which 3 have best paper awards, and is also a co-inventor on 4 patents.

Dr. Samuel Smith - Board Member

Proven researcher in artificial intelligence, automated reasoning, and intelligent control. My greatest strength is a comprehensivist approach to intelligent systems design. I was a pioneer in the development of reinforcement learning algorithms for optimization. Early in my career I was responsible for the multi-disciplinary design of autonomous underwater vehicle systems. Thus I learned to see systems holistically. The more complex the problem, the greater my relative ability to solve it.
I am also an avid disciple of Lean Startup methodologies with extensive experience running businesses as an entrepreneur and intrapreneur. Inside the university I supervised 20 engineers and a dozen graduate students and an annual budget of over $ 2 million. I have founded two different companies. My passion is finding solutions that benefit from computational intelligence.
I have over 25 years experience in a variety of disciplines including computational intelligence, machine learning, network automation, autonomic systems, cloud based computing, intelligent control, embedded systems design, autonomous vehicles and blockchain technology. I have over 120 publications in the fields of intelligent control, survivable network automation, autonomous systems, simulation, computational search, and expert systems, including seven book chapters, 20 journal papers, and 100 refereed conference papers.

Dr. Sabbir Rangwala - Advisor

Automated transportation, artificial intelligence and robotics are significant catalysts for transforming our future. I have an accomplished track record in these areas, with executive level experience in business, organization leadership, technology and operations. Technical expertise includes optics and artificial intelligence. Functional experiences include marketing, sales, P&L management, R&D, product development and operations. I believe that personal and organizational success depends on the ability to understand and manage people - an accomplished executive impresses customers, influences suppliers and partners, and inspires their teams to grow, innovate and execute. I have a demonstrated track record across these dimensions.

Cuneyt Oge - Advisor

More than 34 years consulting to leading firms in North America, Western and Eastern Europe, and South America in strategy and operations. Based in Washington DC Specialties: Strategy, Innovation, Technology Management, Organization, Restructuring, Cost Reduction

Phillip LoPresti - Advisor

Experienced CEO proficient in transforming and building businesses that have lead to IPO and M&A transactions with 25+ years experience in the technology sector and within the semiconductor/electronics industry. Highly successful raising money through strategic partnerships, collaborations, joint developments, technology licensing, venture capital, private equity and the public markets. Effective at establishing and running organizations including engineering, technical business development, marketing, operations, and sales with over twenty-five years of experience in the semiconductor industry. Product experience includes memory, analog, mixed signal and microcontroller products including foundry and custom ASIC solutions for a broad range of applications.