The Technology

FRIS, or Flexible Read-Out Integrated Sensor, is a system on a chip (SOC) Multi-mode Imaging sensor. It pioneers smart pixels and unmatched parallel computation. Developed and optimized using systems engineering to extract required information from available signal using minimal resources. We embedded processing in the pixel that enable high speed operation that delivers actionable intelligence while reducing the data bandwidth coming off the sensor by up to 100x against comparable array sizes. It offers very wide dynamic range, multiple readout and simultaneous modes include full frame, event based, random access, and ranging. We have also demonstrated a front-end that is detectors agnostic and have working prototypes in visible, SWIR, MWIR, LWIR, and dual color. The FRIS architecture is readily expandable to include Lidar and Radar modality on the same sensor platform therefore eliminating the main technical challenges associated with sensor fusion. The FRIS platform can potentially offer a programmable solution to multiple opportunities such as autonomous vehicles, security, and intelligence sectors.


The FRIS technology has been under development inside of a University affiliated resarch center for many years. Our team is now actively seeking Series A funding in order to transistion the technology into the commercial market.

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